Lesson 1: Betting Odds and Probabilities
1.1 Definition of betting odds
1.2 How betting odds show the money you win
1.3 Conversion Formulas
1.4 How betting odds show the probability to win
1.5 Odds from Exchange Market

Lesson 2: Methodology for calculation of Probabilities & Odds
Lesson 2a: Theory for pre-game OddsCompiling
2a.1 Basics to calculate pre-game “real” Odds
2a.2 Methodology of Betpractice Studio
2a.3 Platform Tool for pre-game Odds compiling
Lesson 2b: Theory for in-play OddsCompiling
2b.1 Calculate theory for in-play “real” odds
2b.2 Platform tool for in-play OddsCompiling
2b.3 Calibration for in-play OddsCompiling
2b.4 In-play Example of Calibration Analysis

Lesson 3: Types of betting 
3.1 General
3.2 Theory of Odds movements
3.3 Types of Betting
3.3.1 Traditional Betting
3.3.2 Arbitrage Betting
3.3.3 Trading Betting

Lesson 4: Traditional Betting Principles
Lesson 4a: Short Term betting Principles
4a.1 Theory of Success Rate
4a.2 Tables of Success Rate
4a.3 Classifications for Success Rate v probability
Lesson 4b: Long Term betting Principles
4b.1 Definition of value and yield
4b.2 Long term betting theory

Lesson 5: Analysis for Short Term Strategies (Trad. Betting)
5.1 Methodology for Short Term Strategies
5.2 Methodology to choose a future winning bet
5.3 Methodology for a ScoreGrid Betting Plan
5.4 Methodology for an in-play exit strategy
Lesson 5a: Short Term Strategies
5a.1 ST strategy: Over1.5 & Score(1-0)
5a.2 ST strategy: Profit all scores with Over1.5
5a.3 ST strategy: Win U2.5 & Zero Loss O2.5
Lesson 5b: System Assistant
5b.1 Zero Loss Score
5b.2 Spread Stake
5b.3 Equal Profit
5b.4 Minimum Price

Lesson 6: Platform for Long Term Strategies (Trad. Betting)
6.1 System Hunter Platform
6.2 Betting System Configuration
6.3 Betting System Results
6.3.1 Configuration with “Optimum” prices
6.3.2 Configuration with “All” prices
6.4 Configure Probability and Value in a Betting System
Lesson 6a: Long Term Strategies
6a.1 LT strategy: Both Teams to Score: “Yes”
6a.2 LT strategy: FT the Draw – Profit Stability
6a.3 LT strategy: Home team to win – Eng Premier League

Lesson 7: Arbitrage / Trading Principles
7.1 Arbitrage and Odds Movements
7.2 Odds Movements before the Kick off
7.3 Odds Movements in-play the game
7.4 Arbitrage and Trading Principles
7.5 Platform for pre-game Odds Movements
7.6 Platform for in-play Odds Movements
Lesson 7a: Arbitrage / Trading in-play strategies
7a.1 Lay the Draw
7a.2 Back under 2.5 from 0 to 15min