4a.2 Tables of Success Rate

Betpractice Studio uses a specific methodology for calculating “real” Odds and Probabilities as has been presented with details in Lesson 2.

We should make a methodology if Betpractice calculated probabilities show a remarkable success rate.

Using “System Hunter” platform we will make a depth analysis of success rates for different spacing of calculated probabilities of bets.

We should do this job for England Premier League and Spanish Primera Division using calculated bets for season 2014-2015.

Tables have spacing of probabilities of 5 units from 20% to 100% and they include markets “Home wins”, “Away wins”, “Draw”, “Under 2.5” and “Over 1.5”.

Conclusions show results with very good success rates in many cases.

When betpractice shown 85 number of bets with probability of success between 65% to 70%, that means we are waiting about 65-70% of those bets to succeed.

According to Table for market Over 1.5 in Spanish Primera Division between the probability spacing 65-70% betpractice shown 85 number of bets and 59 number of them succeed, that means success rate 69.41%. This is a success for the assumed methogology for OddsCompiling.

But, there are also very interesting results because there are probability spacing’s that show success rate much more that the calculated probabilities.

An example is Table for market Over 1.5 in Spanish Primera Division, where between the probability spacing 85-90% there are 14 number of bets proposed with this probability and all of them succeed, that mean success rate 100%.