5A.3 Short Term Strategy: Win U2.5 & Zero loss O2.5

An excellent strategy in Betpractice ScoreGrid to make profit at Under 2.5 and Zero Loss at some score for Over 2.5 goals.

We should demonstrate this strategy in two main parts.

  1. Analysis of the bet

  2. Betting Plan

  3. In play Exit Strategy


Analysis of the bet:

I will choose the Game:

Leicester City vs Southampton at 03-04-2016 England Premier League

According to betpractice methodology Under 2.5 calculated a probability P=84.76%.


The success rate is 100% in premier league when the probability is over 70%.

System Hunter show this answer.


Betting Plan:

I bet Under 2.5 with odd=1.74 stake=100€.


I will make a zero loss at  most possible scores against Under2.5. Use oddscompiler for more information.

The scores I prefer to make zero loss are:

(3-0), (2-1), (1-2), (2-2) & (0-3).

Using the ScoreGrid calculator we calculate the appropriate stake for every score market.


This is the betting plan. Win 37.15€ Under 2.5 goals and no loss at specific scores.


 Exit Plan:

Let’s assume the score is against to our betting plan. Eg. the in-play score is (3-2).

Assuming that score (3-2) has an odd 7.6, using ScoreGrid assistant: