5b.2 Spread Stake

Spread your stake at one or more selected bets (any markets).

Initial case : No placed bets

System : Spread Stake


Initial Case:

No placed bets yet


System Plan:

Want to place a stake of 100€ and to spread it at:

Under 1.5

Over 2.5

Insert odds prices of Under 1.5 and Over 2.5 to manage the available stake.

Insert calculated stakes at each bet.

You win 30.86€ for both Under 1.5 and Over 2.5.

Another case with three bets:

Spread 100€ at:

Under 1.5

Over 2.5

Score 1-1


You win 9.74€ for Under 1.5, Over 2.5 and Score (1-1).