6.2 Betting System Configuration

As we have discussed at lesson 2, Betpractice Studio calculated “real” odds for many betting markets based on betpractice methodology.

Betting System configuration in System Hunter, starts with the button “Configure” at the main menu.

System Configuration includes the options below:

Select Leagues : selection of available Leagues

Select Markets : selection of available Markets

Select Period to check : Selection of period “From – To” to check if there is a profit or loss

Odds Prices : Type selection of odds

About odds Prices:

Let’s make a quick analysis about the option “Odds Prices” at the configuration menu.

There are two main selections:

Optimum Prices

All prices

Let’s make an example to understand the differences.

At the game «Arminia Bielefeld vs Kaiserslautern» of Germany Bundesliga 2, played at 17-04-2016

The predicted “real” probabilities for Match Odds were:

Arminia Bielefeld (1) : 28.89% (odd=3.46)

Draw (X) : 44.44% (odd=2.25)

Kaiserslautern (2) : 26.67% (odd=3.75)


Optimum Price between 1X2 is the Draw, because it had the highest probability equal to 44.44% or odd=2.25.

When SYTEM HUNTER picks this game («Arminia Bielefeld vs Kaiserslautern») to make a betting system then:

Optimum” Prices          : 2.25 (Draw)

All” Prices                    : It depends according to the selected market.


In case you select market: ”Team 1 win” System Hunter will pick the price 3.46

In case you select market: ”Draw” System Hunter will pick the price 2.25 (the optimum price)

In case you select market: ”Team 2 win” System Hunter will pick the price 3.75