System Hunter is our new online tool. As we have explained in the "Pick Your System" tab panel, using those syatema based on leagues and individual betting markets that were having a good long-term performance, the user only had the possibility, by changing the market or the dates, to get the results that we we previously compiled and calculated. But that's history now.

With System Hunter, anyone can find and create his own profitable betting systems based on leagues and certain markets. The program will analyze and present that periods and range of probability and value should narrow to find profitable bets. Also you can get the Success Rate and the Yield of each system, and you can compare our real odds to Betfair odds and matches. There will be months analyzing, taking notes and making calculations to find a profitable betting strategy or system. System Hunter can create any system in seconds. So, You will save months of work in scoring and mathematical calculations.

System Hunter is including into Betpractice Studio along with all other tools under subscription of 6 months or 1 year. In addition, to customers with 1 and 3 months subscription, we give the opportunity to save money and to upgrade their subscriptions to six months or a year.

There is no other website that offers something like that!

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