Under 1.5 Market with 0-0 score in 2nd half

Under 1.5 Market with 0-0 score in 2nd half


Trade Mode:

an in-play trade strategy. Best used only at specific time of the match during the second half.


should be MAX 10% of your betting account (our proposal). It's better to bet the amount that you are more comfortable with.


In order to trade in betfair exchange using this strategy, you have to follow the below requirements

  • Before entering into the market, one should have an exit strategy
  • Match should be at 0-0 till 55-57th minute of the game and if, odds in under 1.5 market are above 1.37 
  • Start your trade by backing the market Under 1.5  first.
  • Exit point of your trade should be by 61th or 62nd minute (it depends on the league)
  • If no team scores any goal up to exit point, you should continue your trade where you will make 5-10% profit on your stake.