Lay The Draw

Lay The Draw


Trade Mode:

A pre-game trade strategy. Better used once the first goal is scored within the first 10 minutes of the match


Should be maximum 10% of your betting account (our proposal). It's better to bet the amount that you are more comfortable with.


In order to trade in Betfair exchange using this strategy, you have to follow the below requirements

  • Before entering into the market, one should have an exit strategy
  • Pre-game odds prices of Both teams should have been minimum 2.0 and Pre-game Draw odds price should have been minimum 3.25
  • Lay the Draw before the kick off
  • Back the draw at higher odds once the first goal has been scored. As soon as the suspended sign is over on Betfair, you should try to get your stake matched on as high odds as possible.
  • If no team scores any goal and the match odds for draw reach to 2.0, then place a back bet with double the original stake at odds price 2.0.
  • Finally, after backing with double stake, lay the draw as soon as draw odds reaches to 1.75. This will help you in reducing your losses.